JUZZY: Fall Asleep Just Easy

What is Juzzy?

We help you sleep better, fall asleep quickly and combat stress

Sleep disorder is usually a result of stress and anxiety from daily life, which causes the sympathetic nervous system to become too strong. Juzzy's app works with your Apple Watch to analyse your breathing pattern, and provide a personalised sleep-inducing breathing melody. By slowing down your breathing, your body’s sympathetic system will calm down reducing your stress and tension, and your parasympathetic system will increase to improve your recovery from your stressful life.

Juzzy App

Daily Breathing Exercise

Juzzy also helps you with your daily breathing exercise. It is scientifically proven that regular paced breathing exercise results in lower resting heart rates, reduced stress, improved resilience, clearer thinking and many other benefits. Juzzy uses the same unique breathing rate monitoring technology with bio-feedback technology to guide your breathing during the breathing exercise. You can also use the monitoring independently to track your progress while performing breathing exercise without a guide.

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Juzzy will also monitor your sleep quality over the night. Once the watch has detected that you have fallen asleep, it will turn into monitoring mode to collect your key biodata, and provide you a complete report including light and deep sleep, awake time, resting breathing rates, etc.


Say goodbye to insomnia

With Juzzy, falling asleep is just easy. You will always have a very relaxing mood, you will be like lying on the most comfortable bed in the world. Insomnia? It will only be in your dream.

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